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Transfer of Shares

First you have to request the company to allow your transfer through application letter.

Second the owner of the share fulfills if he/she is married marriage certificate is necessary because the husband/ wife consent is mandatory if not bachelor certificate is needed.

Third identity card of both party is needed.

Fourth you have to also submit original share certificates.

Finally, both parties signed on the transfer form and journal which is prepared by the company.

Transmission of shares through succession

If there is a death of shareholder, the remaining shareholders should submit a legal document from the court.

Thereupon the name of the deceased can be deleted from the company’s records and the certificates will be voided then after the succeeded person will receive the share certificate.

In Case of Loss of Certificates

Regardless of whether a shareholder loses his or her share certificate, that person still owns the shares. However, in order to replace the physical certificate, the shareholder must contact the company’s investor relations department.

After hearing from you, we shall advise you the procedure to be followed for obtaining share certificates.

 First the shareholder must describe the loss.

 Second the shareholder must bring a legal written declaration from authorized official (affidavit form).

 Third the shareholder write application latter for the company to get a new share certificate.

  Fourth the company will write a supporting latter for press and the lost certificate will be published in an Official Gazette / Newspaper.

  Fifth if the above information has been fulfilled, a new certificate will then be issued.

Register a Name Change

If you have changed your name, then please let us know so that we have the right information registered on your shareholding. Please ensure that the following details are provided

Current and previous name of shareholder from authorized corporate.

After the above change of name deed document fulfilled a new share certificate will be issued

Conversion of single holding into joint holding

 If you wish to convert your single holding into joint holding, first you have to submit a legally signed alignment paper (duly signed by all joint shareholders, in respect of the entire shareholding members) and will follow the procedure for transfer.

Change of address

 you can change your address by making a written request quoting your certificate no. and ensuing that your signature appearing in such request is as per the specimen signature recorded with us. In case of joint holding, all the joint holders should sign such request in same order as registered with the company.

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Habesha Cement Share Co. was incorporated in September 2008 as per the commercial code of 1960 of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with a business objective of entering the fast-growing Ethiopian Cement Market …

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