Getas International Building 7th Floor
Getas International Building 7th Fl.

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Empowering Communities
Offering 941 Job opportunities to the national citizens.
Paving A Way To A Brighter Future
Providing over 2,300 books to reach 6,000 students and make education accessible to all
Adherance To High Corporate Governance Standards
At Habesha Cement we are Transparent both financially and through our procurement processes

Our Products

Our factory currently produces and supplies two types of cement products: OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement). Both products are available in 50 kg and are packed in a polypropylene bag, which is safe for human handling. We supply bulk cement to customers using bulk trucks with a capacity of 40 Ton. The bulk trucks can either belong to the customer or HCSC. We have future plans to develop new products that cater to the needs of our various customers and construction needs.

PPC 32.5 N (Portland Pozzolana Cement)

OPC 42.5 R (Ordinary Portland Cement)

OPC 42.5 N (Ordinary Portland Cement)

Habesha Cement
Our factory currently produces and supplies three types of cement products: OPC 42.5 R, OPC 42.5 N (Ordinary Portland Cement) and PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement)
PPC 32.5 N (Portland Pozzolana Cement)
This is one of the quality products by Habesha Cement Share Company which has a 32.5 N Strength Class. The Portland Pozzolana Cement is ideal for general construction which does not require high early strength. It is preferably suited for constructions such as residences and fences.
OPC 42.5 R (Ordinary Portland Cement)
This product offered by Habesha Cement has a 42.5 R Strength Class. This cement type has a higher cement strength and is mostly used for constructions requiring heavy weight resistance like bridges, concrete roads, high rise buildings, etc.
OPC 42.5 N (Ordinary Portland Cement)
OPC 42.5N is an Ordinary Portland Cement with attributes of high early & late strengths even though it is classed as 42.5N. Its early strength (2 days) reaches up to 25 MPa, whereas its late strength (28 days) reaches up to 53.5 MPa.
Direct Sales Channel
This serves our key customers based on their volume of construction and investment in the direct use of cement such as Contractors, block makers, home builders and other large scale projects.
Indirect Sales Channel
Serves customers that resale our products or where intermediaries are involved, such as distributors and Retailers. These customers collects the products from the factory by their own trucks.

Sales and Delivery

Habesha Cement Share Company (HCSC) distribution channels are divided into two major parts, Direct and Indirect sales channels

Distribution Channels

We believe in timely delivery of all our products, which is why we have two delivery options tailor-made to fit to our diverse client and business needs.

Product is delivered to customer’s premises through Habesha Cement Share Company trucks
Customers come to pick cement at the factory.

Our Clients

Safety, Health and Environment
Our modern dedusting systems have ensured that the plant particulates emissions are well below the minimum standards in Ethiopia. Continuous improvements are made to ensure compliance with international standards. For Habesha Cement Share Company, achieving environmental sustainability is one of its’ main objectives. We are committed to carrying out our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and constantly strive to minimize the adverse impact of mining and cement production. We adhere to health and environmental standards at the global and national levels. . Environmental protection is a key focus for Habesha. Maintaining a clean and green environment with tree cover greater than 5% has driven us to partner with communities in Holeta and Goro to promote tree planting.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Habesha Cement Share Company (HCSC) firmly believes in the core principle that its business operation will be strong and smooth if the communities have economic, social and environmental stability. The socio-economic strength of the community is the strength of Habesha Cement Share Capital. Believing in this core principle, our company has accomplished various corporate social responsibility activities since its commencement, which provides multi-dimensional supports and services to local communities with socio-economic impacts.

Success Stories

Our community empowerment programs speak for themselves and our vision as an organization is to create a future filled with hope for the communities we touch. Numbers don’t lie below are some of out greatest community achievements:


Veterinary Clinic in Mena Welling District is under construction with an allocated budget 947.164 Bin to provide medical service for the livestock resources of the targeted communities of the area


The company has contributed one excavator and dynamite for a period of months required to construct a road and bodge across Urgawo River The total cost hat, Wen estimated to be Dire 3486.45938


Over 600 youths have accessed business opportunity in cement distribution 33 youth association mainly recruited from Our Quarry and cement plant areas


HCSC created job opportunities and incomes for more than 80 truck owners at its operational areas by Prioritizing the transportation of limestone raw material from the Quarry site to the cement plant.