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Investor Relations

We value our Investors and that is why we have set measures to protect their investment and trust in our company. Below are some mitigations to ensure we stay accountable to our Investors:

Steps to follow for transfer of shares

1. The client has to request the company to allow transfer through an application letter.
2. If the owner of the share is married, a marriage certificate is necessary because the husband’s or wife’s consent is mandatory. If not, a bachelor’s certificate is needed.
3. Identity card of both parties is required.
4. The client has to submit original share certificates.
5. Finally, both parties will sign on the transfer form and journal, which the company prepares.

If a shareholder dies, the heirs shall submit a legal document from the court.

The deceased’s name then be removed from the company’s records, and the certificates will be revoked. The heir candidate will subsequently be given the share certificate.

In the event a shareholder wishes to convert their single holding into joint holding; the shareholder has to submit a legally signed alignment paper (duly signed by all joint shareholders, respect the entire shareholding members) and follow the transfer procedure.

If you have changed your name, please let us know so that we can have the correct information registered on your shareholding certificate.

Please ensure that the previous and current name of the shareholder from authorized corporate are shared.

After the above change of name and document is completed, a new share certificate will be issued.

Regardless of whether a shareholder loses his or her share certificate, that person still owns the shares. However, to replace the physical certificate, the shareholder must contact the company’s investor relations department.

Once the complaint has been registered, we shall advise you on the procedures to be followed for the re-obtaining of the share certificates. These include:

1. The shareholder must describe the loss.

2. The shareholder must bring a legal written declaration from an authorized official (affidavit form).

3. The shareholder writes an application letter for the company to get a new share certificate.

4. The Company will write a supporting letter for press and the lost certificate will be published in an Official Newspaper.

5. If the above information has been fulfilled, a new certificate will then be issued.

Shareholders can change their address by making a written request quoting the certificate number and ensuring that their signature appears in such request as per the specimen signature recorded with us. In joint holding, all the joint holders should sign such a request in the same order as registered with the company.

The shareholders can get their share certificate directly from the issuing department by fulfilling the following requirements.

i. Share subscription form with the deposit slip.
ii. National identity Card (ID)

If the shareholder authenticates somebody to receive the certificate, the authenticated person can come up with a legal authentication paper & receive the certificate.