Getas International Building 7th Floor
Getas International Building 7th Fl.

Sales and Distribution

Direct Sales

This serves our key customers based on their volume of construction and investment for the direct use of cement such as Contractors, block makers, home builders and other large scale projects.

Indirect Sales

Serves customers that resale our products or where intermediaries are involved, such as distributors and Retailers. These customers collects the products from factory by their own trucks

Depot sales Solution

The newly opened depot around Jack Ross near Meta Beer office has accessibility to Cement Product Manufacturers (CPMs) and home builders at an affordable price. The targeted customers are small and medium scale CPMs and contractors. The Minimum purchase volume at the depot is 5 ton while 20 ton is our maximum limit per transaction.

Distribution Channels

We believe in timely delivery of all our products and that is why we have two delivery options tailor-made to fit to our diverse client and business needs.

Product is delivered to customer’s premises through Habesha Cement Share Company trucks
Customers come to pick cement at the factory.

Technical Sales and Support

In cases where our customers face challenges with our product quality, quantity, or any general inquiries, our technical sales specialists are on hand to assist the customers. This can be through personalized site visits as well as handling product defects complaints. To us, our customers are our biggest priority. We believe that when our customers succeed we succeed.

How to Pay

All sales processes are done with cash-based sales mode and payments can be through either: CPO, Check, Bank deposit slip (bank advice), or electronic channels. We are also adapting new technological advancements to ensure our customers experience convenience and quality in our service

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