Getas International Building 7th Floor
Getas International Building 7th Fl.
Habesha Cement Product

PPC 32.5 N

This is one of the quality products by Habesha Cement Share Company which has a 32.5 N Strength Class.  The Portland Pozzolana Cement is ideal for general construction which does not require high early strength. It is preferably suited for constructions such as residences and fences.

Product Benefits

Ideal for Energy-Efficient Houses
Rust, Rot and Insect resistant
Used for masonry mortars & plastering
Wind, Fire & Earthquake resistant
Results in excellent room acoustics
Ideal for decorative and art structures due to its unique surface finish.
Used in pre-stressed & post-tensioned concrete
Low water permeability compared to OPC hence highly durable concrete.
Has higher strength over a longer period of time.
Has higher fineness than OPC.
Cheaper than OPC.
Have good workmanship